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Gary Muldoon

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Gary Muldoon

Gary Muldoon is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo Law School.  He is an author of various books, including Handling a Criminal Case in New York, The Education of a Lawyer, as well as Handling a Family Law Case in New York.  He is also a Contributing Lawyer Editor for the 10th edition of Black’s Law Dictionary.  Mr. Muldoon’s bar association work includes being former Dean of the Academy of Law of the Monroe County Bar Association and chair of the Law Practice Management Commitment.  He has received several awards, including the Pro Bono award from the United States District Court for the Western District of New York and the Raymond J. Pauley Award from the Monroe County Bar Association, chaired the Fee Arbitration Committee for the Seventh Judicial District and is a frequent speaker at bar association seminars.

Areas of practice include civil and criminal appeals, as well as litigation generally; criminal law; family law; and professional responsibility.  He has argued before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as New York State’s highest state court, the Court of Appeals.  He also handles residential real estate and estate law matters.  He is on the mediation panel for the Western District of New York.

During his career, he has been an instructor at Cornell Legal Aid Clinic, an assistant public defender, and a law clerk to judges in city and county court.  He served on Rochester City Council, including four years as its vice-president.  He is an adjunct instructor at SUNY Buffalo Law School.

He is a columnist for the Rochester Daily Record on the subjects of Criminal Law, as well as Attorney & Client.  His articles have also appeared in the Buffalo Law Review, New York Law Journal and NYS Bar Journal.