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Jared K. Cook


The bulk of Jared’s litigation experience is in employment law, handling both large class and collective actions and single-plaintiff cases. He has represented both employees and employers in wage and hour cases ranging from tip credit issues to off-the clock claims under federal law and under the laws of various states, especially in the health care and restaurant industries. Jared has also represented employees in disability discrimination and religious discrimination cases, and has advised hundreds of clients, both employees and employers about their rights and obligations in almost every aspect of employment law. Jared is passionate about finding practical and fair solutions for both employers and employees facing employment law problems.

More recently, Jared has expanded his practice beyond employment law and has developed experience representing construction firms and other commercial parties in contract disputes all over Western New York, as well as experience with shareholder disputes, real estate disputes, and disputes over wills and estates. Jared enjoys applying his litigation skills to new contexts and helping his clients obtain justice.

Jared also has a keen interest in religious freedom and other legal issues facing religious organizations. In addition to his experience with religious freedom in the workplace, Jared has served as court-appointed counsel in a religious freedom case involving the religious rights of incarcerated people, and he stays up-to-date with legal developments affecting religious organizations.

Jared has experience with all stages of litigation from investigating a case and filing a complaint to complex discovery to enforcing judgments, but one of his biggest strengths is in complex motions and appeals where he can apply his persuasive writing expertise and oral advocacy skills.

Jared is admitted to practice in New York state courts, the federal district courts for the Western and Northern Districts of New York, and Second and Fourth Circuit Courts of Appeals.

Jared graduated magna cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School where he was also selected as a legal writing student instructor. Before law school he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from Brigham Young University, where he studied persuasive writing and rhetoric, and was a writing tutor in the BYU writing center, as well as a writing fellow in the BYU honors department.

Jared lives in Pittsford with his wife and their daughter and two sons. He enjoys serving actively in his church community as well as the legal community generally, and he enjoys cycling, backpacking, skiing, rock and ice climbing, writing, and cooking with friends and family.